Weakened from the Weekend

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It has now been two days since I’ve posted a new blog post, and what I’ve accomplished in that time is really not as much as I had hoped.  I wanted to adjust my novel so my main character showed the growth she was lacking that I talked about, and I also wanted work on some of the other suggestions that my critique group gave me, but unfortunately, the weekend was not nearly long enough.


I did manage to write another section in the novel I’m working on with my sister, so now that is over 50,000 words.  Yay!  And I fixed up a different section of my novel.  It was one of those sections that I thought I had changed a while ago, but must’ve just made a mental note to change it, then promptly forgot.  Oops.


It’s actually a scene that I’m quite proud of.  It’s real creepy, was totally not planned at all, and just sort of wrote itself.  But after it wrote itself, I kind of sort of forgot a tiny, little detail that would make the whole thing make sense.  But now it’s all fixed, so I’m happy.  But seriously, the scene gave me chills just writing it, so I can’t wait to share it with everyone.


This weekend I read most of “The Secret Hour” by Scott Westerfeld.  Since it’s not a particularly long book I had hoped to finish it, but I’ll just have to do that tonight after I’m done posting this.  I do like the book so far, because it has a really unique idea, but I’m not loving it.  So when I’m done with it, I’m probably not going to go rushing out to buy the next two books in the series, but I’ll talk a bit more about that when I do finish it.


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a serious book buying addiction.  It’s even worse than my addiction to Cadberry Cream Eggs!  And sadly, all the Borders within reasonable distance of my apartment are closing down, so I’ll only have a used bookstore and a Barnes & Nobles to feed my addiction.  In the mean time though, I’ve been taking clear advantage of the liquidation sales, and I spent a large part of my Saturday at Borders trying to narrow down how many books to get at that time.  I ended up with four for under $20.  🙂


The final thing I did this weekend was run 22 miles.  It was not fun.  The park that I went running in was crowded and hot, and the only thing that made the run alright was that my sisters, and brother and law were suffering with me, and my boyfriend joined us for the first part of it.  That, and I had a Cadberry Cream Egg waiting for me for when the run was over.  But seriously, those 22 miles, and the after affects of them took up pretty much my whole Sunday, and that’s what I blame for my lack of writing at that time.


Well, that was pretty much it for me this weekend.  Did anyone else get some good writing or reading in?  Any books they would suggest I look for in Borders before it’s gone?




  1. Caitlynn Lowe said,

    Mmm…Cadberry Cream Eggs…

    Anyway. I love it when a good scene appears without warning and writes itself. For me, those tend to come out most naturally, and end up turning out better than a lot of my planned scenes do. Sometimes they even alter the tone of the story overall, and usually for the better.

    And no good writing or reading here. I managed to get a little research in that I’ve been meaning to do, but I don’t know that I would call that “good” reading. 😛

    • Kati Bartkowski's storysketches said,

      I like it when scenes pretty much write themselves too. I just don’t like it when those scenes introduce unexpected characters.

      I guess it depends on the research. I call reading young adult books research for me, and I’m loving it. 🙂

  2. Diana Douglas said,

    I have a friend who’s got so many books, she had to rent a storage room for them. Unfortunately, she’s got some of mine mixed in with hers so who knows when I’ll get them back. Personally, I think she needs a 12 step program.

  3. Erin M said,

    Hi Kati!

    It’s Erin from A Long Song.

    First of all, wow, 22 miles; that’s impressive! Running is definitely a valid excuse for not writing. =]

    Secondly, thanks for visiting my blog! You had a question about links to the worst covers ever. This comment is probably going to go straight to the spam pile because of the links, but anyway, here are some of the pages I found . . .

    Worst sci-fi and fantasy covers:

    Worst romance covers of 2005:

    So! Hope you enjoy them! ^_^

    Also, I really like the way you illustrate all your posts! And good luck with your writing!


    • Kati Bartkowski's storysketches said,

      Thank you Erin! I’ll definitely have to check out these links later. I love looking at book covers and trying to find the best and the worst of them.

  4. Deana Birks said,

    I have a book-buying addiction too. All of our Borders are closing, and I’ll admit it: I cried a little. I’ve been overspending at Barnes & Noble to make myself feel better. 😉 I hope we’re not looking at the beginning of the end of the bookstore. Congrats on the run! I need to get off my butt and start running.

    • Kati Bartkowski's storysketches said,

      I really hope where not seeing the end of them, but I suspect we might be. Bookstores are definitely my favorite places to hang out in, and I love browsing the shelves. Does that make me a bit of a nerd? Well, I’ll be really sad if they’re all gone.

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