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I’m sure if you’ve stumbled across my new blog, that you have read some sort of book at some point that had totally blown you away, and made you go “gee, I want to write like that!”

Maybe that book had some stellar characters like in Patricia Wrede’s “Mairelon the Magician,” or maybe that book had developed a world that you could completely see yourself living in like Harry Potter, or maybe the book was just a fantastic read in every sense of the word, like in Elizabeth Bunce’s “Starcrossed,” (granted, both “Mairelon the Magician” and Harry Potter are fantastic reads in every sense of the word too) it doesn’t matter though, what matters is that you were inspired to write!

I’ve read tons of great books through out my life, and some of them I’ve even read obsessively over and over again.  But if I had to name one author that inspired me to write, that author would have to be Tamora Pierce.  It was after reading her “Lioness Quartet” and “Wild Magic” series’ that I wanted to try and create a world of my own.

Granted, when I first started writing stories I just did it to pass the time and entertain myself.  I never imagined that I’d someday be taking writing as seriously as I do my drawing.  But now that I do, I’m thankful for all the books that took me to far off lands, on adventures, and I know that the experiences are what are helping to inspire me to write today.


  1. lunaleo said,

    Tamora Pierce inspired me to write, too. I’d also have to add in Lloyd Alexander (I remember really loving his Black Caldron series) and, strangely enough, Edgar Allan Poe.

  2. Rachel Mikkay said,

    I LOVE Tamora Pierce. Daine is my favorite.

    My favorite book has been the same for nine years–Ella Enchanted, by Gail Carson Levine. It’s such a fascinating spin on the classic Cinderella tale that you can’t help but admire it in some way or another.

    • Kati Bartkowski's storysketches said,

      I’d be hard pressed to say which I liked better, Alanna or Daine. But I do know that Nemair has been one of my major book crushes for years.

      I’ve never seen Ella Enchanted before. I’ll have to look for it sometime and give it a try. I do like good retellings of fairy tails.

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